The Art of a Good Buy – Is It Luck, Skill or Just Good Old Karma?

We have been going to garage sales to look for stuff to re-sell for the past 6 years.  Both Richie and I had never even been to a garage sale before we started selling on eBay.  When we lived in New Jersey, the garage (or yard) sales were plentiful and full of hidden treasures.  Here in Tucson, the sales are widespread, spotty and they begin at the un-godly hour of 7am (but you can get to some as early at 6am for the good pickings – not us, though).  Back in New Jersey, they would start at 9am and last well into the late afternoon.  But in Tucson, they tend to close up around 11am.

Basically, it is hard to find good stuff.  However, we have a client (who has since become my good friend) who has been going to garage sales forever and boy, she is amazing at this.  Even in Tucson, she comes up with some real winners.

One of the negative things about working out of my house, is the lack of conversation with others during the day.  Back in the days I worked in an office and took the train to work, there were all sorts of people to chat with. Catching up on “what did you do this weekend” or the newest story about each other’s kids, is now sorely missed.

But I have made good friends with this client (ST) who has the “Midas Touch” when it comes to garage sales. We meet every week for coffee and I never know what she will pull out of her trunk for me to sell for her!

We have many clients who scour garage sales, but ST is really the best of the best.  I often wonder, is it skill, luck or does she just have great Karma?  In any case, it is always fun, she has a great attitude (hey, in most cases she only paid 50 cents or a dollar) and when she gets her check, her response is always “more money than I had yesterday”.  I really look forward to my weekly coffee klatch!

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