You Charge What??

Do you go to the cheapest doctor or dentist or do you check out their credentials first?  And for all those women who pay $40 – $100 to for someone to color their hair at a salon – why bother?  You can buy a bottle of Clairol from the drugstore and do it yourself for $5.00!

We sell for a living.  And yes, we charge for our services.  This is a business.  And we do it very well.  Anyone can open an account and sell on eBay.  But can they get the best price?  Maybe – if they are selling an original copy of the Declaration of Independence (there aren’t many of those available for sale).   But there is a lot of work that goes into selling and bringing good returns.  We spend hours taking top quality photos.  We research the items to know what it is we are selling.  We promote our sales on many web sites and specialty forums.  We bring the buyers to our auctions.  We have great feedback and buyers feel comfortable buying from us.  We have a lot of repeat buyers. And we get very good results.

Seven days a week, 14 hours a day, we answer questions from potential buyers.  We ship all over the world.  We pack everything with care and insure our packages.  And we don’t just sell on eBay – if we can do better elsewhere, and at times we have, we will get the highest returns on what we sell.

Yes, we charge for our services – but only for successful results.  If the item doesn’t sell, we don’t charge for our time and efforts.  Its a freebie to our client – and unpaid work for us.

When the phone rings and a potential client calls – if the first words out of their mouth is “what do you charge”,  this is usually a bad sign.  I feel like saying “Nothing. I work for free.  I have nothing better to do with my days”. Their first words should be, “tell me how this works” or something to that effect.

We have some wonderful clients who appreciate all the work we do for them. They thank us.  They recommend us to their friends.  But to those who only say “you charge what?” – I say – try it yourself.   If you want to hire a professional, you’ll do well with us.  If you want something for nothing – try someone else – why should I work so hard for someone like you?  In the end, those are the types that end up saying “is that all I got?” instead of those that appreciate our services and say “more than I had yesterday” with a smile.  This is a tough business – most of the “We Sell for You” eBay storefronts have gone out of business in our town.  It takes hard work and long hours to be successful at this.  We’re here for you if you are serious about selling your goods and want to hire the best.

To all you callers who are only interesting in hiring on the cheap  – remember, you get what you pay for.  We have clients who scour eBay finding great buys from those who don’t know what they are selling and then ask us to sell them for real.  Maybe my clients are buying your goods from the bargain basement sellers you hired!

So basically our question is – which do you prefer?  Good returns?or pennies on the dollar?

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