Three Minutes of Fame

Approximately a year ago, we were contacted by Channel 4 (NBC TV), requesting us to be a guest on the midday news report to comment on selling on eBay.  It was “sweeps” week, and the theme of the station was, “how to find treasures in your own back-yard”.  I told Judy I was not going to shave nor wear a tie, so that she was the one who was going to appear (besides she is both prettier and smarter than I am).  She was nervous as this was to be the first time she ever appeared on major TV (if Tucson can be considered a major market?).

We were told that the segment was to take about five minutes and we were given several questions that were to be presented by the news moderator.  Well, for the next week Judy and I went into rehearsal mode.  I would say we must have spent a total of close to two hours practicing for the big moment.

The big day finally arrived, yeah, no more rehearsals.  Judy looked great in a business suit (we didn’t know we still had one since moving to Tucson) and off she went to the studio, not in a limo, but in our flatbed, pickup.  Judy was led straight into the studio, no preliminary makeup session or hair prep, and it was she and two correspondents before the world, I mean Tucson.  In the end, the questioning lasted all of three minutes instead of the five we were told.  Judy answered with proficiency and a coolness we didn’t see even while rehearsing.  In short she was great!

We thought this exposure was going to make our month and the calls would be pouring in as there was a link to the interview on the stations web-page.  Nothing, not a single inquiry, but a day that we will remember.  And oh yes, we posted the interview on YouTube, so it will be on the internet for eternity! Here it is:

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  1. Hi,

    I saw the interview, and called you.
    It was great.
    Joyce Keshner

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