Civil War Muster – US Colored Troops

I love history.  Blame it on all those weekend trips to Washington, DC, Virginia, and all over New England.  My father had his own business, and long vacations were out of the question when we were growing up.  But we made many, many short vacations to historic cities and towns within an 8-10 hour drive of our home in New York  City.  I still remember the day at the National Archives in DC – my brother had to read every word on each document – he always goes a little overboard when it comes to history.  I guess that is why he moved to DC after 20 years of living in Miami!

Now when we get anything of historic value, I can spend hours researching the items – its like the past has come to life in my hands!

A client who gave us a lot of Americana items to sell, including Coin silver spoons, old wooden butter presses and many powder flasks, also gave us a Civil War Muster.  Granted, it was not in pristine condition, but it was a Muster/Roster Roll from a US Colored Troops!  Approximately 180,000 African-Americans comprising 163 units served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many more African-Americans served in the Union Navy. Both free Africans-Americans and runaway slaves joined the fight. On July 17, 1862, Congress passed two acts allowing the enlistment of African-Americans, but official enrollment occurred only after the September, 1862 issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation.

This muster was dated from April 30-June 30, 1865 and was for the 8th regiment of United States Colored Troops, Company F.  It was signed in Santiago, Texas by Loren Burritt, the mustering officer and Elijah Lewis, the Captain of Company F.  Recruiting for this regiment was commenced in September 1863, the men rendezvousing at Camp William Penn, near Philadelphia, where a regimental organization was effected.

Richie and I had a great time looking up information about this troop.  We actually found a web site that listed the members of the troop from their enlistment until the date of this muster – and their names were written in hand, on this muster in our possession – over 144 years ago!  Now some lucky eBay buyer has a piece of history in their possession – treat it well!


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