So You Want To Sell On eBay!!??

This is a multi-part blog, as one cannot possibly write a simple and short story about selling on the internet in general and eBay in particular.

Judy and I have been selling on the internet for over seven years and during that time have seen just about every circumstance, both good and bad (although I am sure there are surprises yet to come), that can possibly happen.  eBay itself has evolved over time and become a much more difficult environment to sell within and execute a transaction.  What does it take to have an item, say a very old pocket watch, listed and sold on eBay?

First you must assess what you have to sell.  The watch in question must be identified as to the maker, the condition, is the casing made from gold or silver etc.  Next you try to open the watch casing to obtain more specific information, such as the serial number (which a serious collector or watch repairman require), plus you will be able to take pictures of the inner works later.  Judy spends many hours doing research and once she is knowledgeable about the item, she determines the starting auction price and begins the write-up.

The second process involves the taking of pictures.  We believe that the more pictures you post, the greater the chance the item will attract potential bidders.  For the watch, we generally will take anywhere from five to ten photos, including; the front and back, the watch face, any markings on the casing, the inner works, any flaws such as dents…  The picture taking process is arduous with many retakes necessary to get the sharpest image and lighting.  Judy then posts the pictures into the auction setup which presents its own unique issues.  The time spent related to pictures alone may take as long as ten to twenty minutes for a single item.  A usual nights posting generally includes some fifteen pieces, you do the math to arrive at total time spent.

Easy huh??

The write-up must now be coordinated with the pictures and any terms of the sale.  The description of the item is very detailed and includes; condition of the piece, size (including actual measurement of length, width, depth), an itemized listing of any flaws, special features, to name a few.  Once Judy completes this process, the auction is reviewed for changes and completeness.  We are now ready for “liftoff” or should I say posting onto eBay.

To be continued…

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