So You Want To Sell On eBay!!??

This is installment number two of two.

We usually list an item at auction to run for a week, although several clients like to list for ten days which may be slightly more expensive (go figure).  By this time, Judy has already completed her market study to determine the initial listing price.  She prefers not to list an item with a reserve, as eBay, in their ultimate wisdom, has made that process more expensive too.  She prices items so they will attract an initial bid, but is not too high to dissuade others from bidding.  One must remember that this is an auction and that the first bid may be the only bid!

Once an item sells, we must then bill (all type of issues if the winner is overseas), collect the proceeds and/or deal with deadbeats, pack the item (which could take quite a bit of time if it is breakable) and finally ship it.  We usually like to wait for feedback or a short period of time to pass, to be sure that the winner is satisfied with their order or it was not damaged during transit, before paying our clients.  If there are issues, that’s a whole new ballgame which will be dealt with in a future blog.  Generally, the whole process, from meeting the client, listing the product and making payment to the client may take from three to four weeks to complete.

We cannot impress you enough with how time consuming it is to sell more than the occasional item on the internet, or in this case eBay.  eBay has, over the years, made it more and more onerous to sell anything on its site.  We will deal with this issue at another time.  Suffice it to say, although eBay is available to everyone, everyone does not have the temperament, time nor the knowledge to “avail” themselves of eBay.

We will attempt to help you learn the how’s and why’s of selling on the internet, so keep tuned to other blog items and stories of our experiences selling to the “world”.

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