The Beauty of a 3-Car Garage

When we decided to move to Tucson and start this eBay business, I had 4 days to find a house.  My goal was to buy a one story house with 4 bedrooms and a 3 car garage.  Even though my kids were in college and were never going to live in Tucson, I still wanted them to have their own rooms for the occasional visit.  The 4th bedroom would be our office.  I wanted a 3 car garage so that we could keep our car and flatbed truck out of the desert sun and we figured the 3rd garage would be set  up as a storage room for all the items we would be selling on eBay.

Luckily, we started off on a firm footing and actually had our first client before we arrived in Tucson.  A woman bought something from our eBay store right before we left New Jersey.  I had already changed our location to Tucson and since she lived there, asked if she could pick it up to save on the shipping.  I told her, sure, but we would be in transit and wouldn’t be in Tucson for 2 weeks.  Well, the item was small and she chose to have us ship it immediately.  Then she wrote back and asked if we sold for 3rd parties.  We told her we did and a week after we arrived, we had our first client in Tucson and we’ve been busy ever since.

At first, we actually were able to fit our two cars in the garage.  But as we got busier, and started adding shelving and racks in the garage, the cars were resigned to the driveway and have not made it back in.  It has been five years now and we are still trying to get the car back under cover.  I guess this is a sign of a good business, or maybe just a sign that we need to get better organized.  In any case, it’s a good thing our house has a lot of trees, so at least the cars get some shade.

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