The Gorilla Test

I am now going to date my readers.  All of you who remember the 1970’s American Tourister commercial with the gorilla throwing around the luggage, raise your hands.  For those youngsters who weren’t even born yet, here is the You Tube video:

Take away the luggage and replace it with our packages, and now you know how we feel once a package leaves our house.  When we go to see clients, I am the one to decide which items we will take to try and market.  When my eyes set on a large, breakable item, I think of that gorilla.  I then have to calculate whether the returns are greater than the risk.  I’ll take a chance with a well known brand, like Lladro or Royal Doulton, but any large porcelain piece with an obscure marking is usually a “no”.  I mentally try to calculate what the item may sell for and whether I want to agitate over the time it will take us to pack, the risk that the item will break in transit and the paperwork and time it will take to process an insurance claim.

Richie hates to turn away business, but is the business worth the potential headaches it may bring?  My eyes light up when I see small items, non breakables and little treasures.  When someone tries to convince me that a large wash bowl and pitcher is a great antique, all I see is shards of pottery.  It always amazes me how there is no rhyme or reason as to why we can send similar packages, containing the same items,  on separate journeys and some arrive in great shape and others are destroyed beyond repair.  We had a number of large Disney snow globes and one was shipped to Germany, where it found a happy new home.  Another was lost on its way to New York and a third arrived broken in North Carolina.

There are many, many types of  items that I enjoy selling.  The valuable ones, of course.  I’ll even take the not so valuable, if I think they will sell and I can pack them myself.  But those large items that take Richie a week to get out the door after agonizing what boxes to use (and where to get them) and them how best to pack them for a safe trip, are really not worth it to me.  This job is hard enough.  A little less aggravation and worry – that’s all I ask for.

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