A Method To Our Madness!

We post auctions every  Sunday evening through Thursday, with the occasional Friday night special.  We figure that most people do not have much interest in bidding on items once the weekend begins and other activities kick in.  However, Sunday night is the time to catch up and we try to post as many auctions as possible.  Auction preparations take hours, but we generally upload them between 4:30 pm to 6:30 P.M.  Our reasoning is simple.  Since we live in Tucson, we figure that the West coast is arriving home from the weekend foray on Sunday or work during weekdays, and it is not too early to capture these potential bidders.  Also, it is not too late on the East coast, what with the two or three hour time difference when most people may want to go to the computer “just one more time” before turning in.

We have been selling on the internet for over seven years and have become quite adroit at determining what will go up for auction or just listed with a fixed and/or best offer price.  If Judy thinks that a very uncommon item will attract just a few serious bidders, if any, she will generally post such an item at a  fixed price with no bidding required.  If it is an item in great demand, we believe that an auction is the way to go.

If we get a lot of the same type of items from a client, we try to post multiple auctions each night, for several nights.  We  are hoping to entice a collector to bid on multiple auctions in an attempt to fill in or complete their collections, without the headache of searching for it over a long period of time at different sites.  We offer the bidders the ability to combine their winnings into one shipment to save on postage. We are currently listing a huge lot of  model train cars with this thought in mind.

We recently sold a vintage Barbie doll and her clothes in multiple auctions.  Our client brought her collection to the Antiques Roadshow when they were in town and was told it was worth $100.00.  Judy researched each item extensively to make sure she had the right accessories that go with a particular outfit and to name it correctly.  In the end we sold this collection in 12 individual auctions over a few nights and brought in close to $450.00!!

It is a total challenge selling on the internet.  The research that goes into a sale, the logic of how and when to list (do you really want to end an auction on Christmas Eve), establishing the opening bid price, etc. are just a few things that must be considered to have a successful auction.  I would think most people believe it is a piece of cake to do what Judy and I do, and if you are selling the occasional piece it may be, but I close with these words…“let the seller beware”.

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