Some people’s eyes light up when they pass by a candy store.  For others, a jewelry store window is magical.  For me, its boxes.  No matter where I go, if I see empty boxes, I can’t help but stop and size them up.

With very few exceptions of local buyers who pick up their winning auctions, we have to ship on a daily basis.  We prefer to ship Priority Mail – the post office is generous enough to supply these boxes free of charge.  But many items must be sent either FedEx or Parcel Post.  For those, we need boxes.  Not any box will do.  The box has to be sturdy and in good shape.  Of course, we could buy boxes, but that would add to our costs and it’s difficult enough to get buyers to pay for actual shipping costs – try telling them that they have to pay for a box as well.  We also have to buy packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts.  But we try to get boxes for free.

Our local supermarkets are very generous and will save boxes if we ask.   But many times, we will be walking through the aisle of a store and see the clerks unpacking and piling up the empty cartons for disposable.  We size up the boxes and if they look good, often ask the clerks if we can take them.  Many a time I have embarrassed my kids while shopping with them.  Even on vacation, I can’t help but notice empty boxes and wish I could take them home.

I just got back from Boston, helping my daughter move into her dorm at Harvard Law School.  As I unpacked the boxes, it broke my heart to break them up and bring some really good boxes down to the recycling area.  Luckily her suite had a storage closet.  I carefully folded some used bubble wrap and put some boxes into the closet – it was just too hard for me to throw it all away.  She may need to ship some things herself and you never know where she’ll be able to find good boxes without me looking out for them.

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  1. Keep on collecting those boxes and I’ll keep searching for things to put in them. LOL

  2. Will do! You always find great items to put in those boxes!

  3. Judy, you need to think outside the box. 🙂

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