In and Out of Vogue

For the women – remember when mini skirts were all the rage?  Or maxi skirts?   Shoulder pads?

For men – remember skinny ties?  Fat ties? Wide lapels? Thin labels?  Nehru jackets?

Well, styles come and go.  I have one friend who never gets rid of her clothes.  Lucky her, she has stayed the same dress size forever.  She says all the clothes will come back in style one day.

In the antique world, there are also many items that just don’t capture the attention of many collectors these days.  China and glassware come to mind.  Depression glass used to be highly collectible.  Today, unless you have a rare, one of a kind piece, you can barely give it away.

We get calls on a daily basis from people who want to sell things.  I don’t even take dishes or glassware anymore (with very few exceptions).  It is just not in style to make elaborate dinner parties.  Your mother’s Noritake service for 12 just doesn’t have too many takers.  People use Chinet at their dinner parties.

Years ago, Bennington, Wedgwood, and various other pottery companies brought in big money.  Not today.  A woman called us yesterday with something she called “Creamware”.  She hired an appraiser who told her she was “pessimistic” about the value.  I agreed.  She didn’t want to hear this from me or the appraiser, so hung up.  Sorry, but there just aren’t too many buyers of creamware platters in today’s market.

There are things that do great regardless of the times.  Pocket watches, old clocks, original Barbie doll clothes from the 60’s, model trains, WWII and Civil War memorabilia.  These things will sell even on Christmas day.  There are collectors all over the world on the look out for these items every minute.  Prices may fluctuate, but the demand is always there.

Some antiques may come back in vogue one day.  But for those collectors of Norman Rockwell plates and Beanie Babies – I would suggest a yard sale – those things will never have any value again.

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