We Still Love the Australians

To date, we have shipped to 46 countries.  Until recently, if anyone had asked us our favorite country to do business with, it would have been hands down – Australia.  I didn’t need to think about it at all.  It is often difficult to communicate well via email – sometimes you just misinterpret what someone is writing and words can just sound harsh at times.  But never with an Australian.   Their emails just start out all smiles – G’Day Mate!  Cheerio!.

Well, the day before I was flying off to Florida to pack up my father for his move here to Tucson, I got an email from someone who bought a doll from me on eBay.  It had arrived broken. First she accused me of poor packaging (we pack dozens of items a week, and since starting this business, we have packed tens of thousands of boxes with very few causalities).  The doll was packed well and unfortunately mishandled somewhere between Tucson, Arizona and the continent of Australia.  No matter how much bubble wrap and stuffing you use in a package, these things do happen.  Anyway, I told this buyer that the doll was fully insured and that I was leaving town and would take care of the insurance claim when I returned.  I really didn’t think I had to tell this woman my whole life story, but my word is good and if she checked my feedback, she would have seen that we take care of our buyers.

After a very hard week of cleaning out 25 years of accumulation,  packing up my father’s belongings in hot and humid Florida and taking him home with me, I awoke my first morning back in Tucson to a negative feedback!  My first in about a year!  I actually was going to take care of the insurance claim first thing that morning.  We deal with a private insurance company and they are very quick on paying claims.  She would have had her money back in full (including shipping) by the end of the week.

For some reason, I thought this buyer was in Austria.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw she was from Australia!!  No way.  The nicest people on Earth are in Australia.  I wrote to her and asked her why she left me a negative feedback.  I told her I was going to take care of everything that day.  First she lied that I never communicated with her.  I reminded her about our 6 emails back and forth the night before I left for Florida.  I needed photos to show my insurance company.  She sent me a bunch.  Then she changed her story and told me I didn’t care about the claim. It was only a week and I wasn’t home.  I told her all would be straightened out by the end of the week.  I kindly asked her to remove the negative feedback.  She wouldn’t.  She even filed a claim against me in PayPal.  Really?  Well, normally I would have told her to keep the doll, but she was not playing nicely.   I told PayPal I would refund her money, but she had to return the doll at her expense.  Silly really, because the shipping would be about $30, the actual cost of the doll.  So she didn’t send me back the doll.  Now I have a negative feedback for nothing.  I became disillusioned with my favorite country until my daughter told me – don’t worry Mom – she probably isn’t even an Australian – just a recent transplant from somewhere far, far away.  That made me feel better.  I still love the Aussies – there’s sometimes just one bad apple in the barrel.  I just found mine.   The rest of the Australians are just great.

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