We are involved in a major issue with eBay/Paypal that I want to bring to the attention of all Sellers and the eBay community in general. I am under the impression that eBay doesn’t give a damn about their sellers, the backbone of their corporation. Here are the facts.

We sold an item to an individual who presented problems the minute he won the piece. First there were e-mails from him stating that he didn’t need a component of the phone he bought and wanted a refund for part of his purchase price. We refused his request as we sell for third parties and did not want to be involved with oddball situations. He wrote many “crazy” e-mails to make his point, asked us to call him which we did (he was polite on the phone) and then the nasty e-mails started to come and finally the non-payment. We filed a claim and lo and behold, he sent an e-check but also these particular e-mails. “What the hell is this unpaid item case you’ve opened?”… He claimed he was a Colonel in the USMC presently in Afghanistan; meanwhile we spoke on the phone to him a few days before at a Florida number. Another e-mail poorly paraphrased Jack Nicholson from a “Few Good Men”. “Why don’t you come stand the wall and protect ME. I am here in Afghanistan protecting your rights to barbeque… It’s not been a good day. I lost two men…I told you I would pay tomorrow but you probably forgot. When I forget, men die.” Gees, this is one bona fide wacko!! Why would he be dealing with us if he is in battle and lost men.

My wife, who is one of the smartest people I know, did a search on the guy and we found out that he has been arrested for “Scheme to Defraud” and then the next month for “Grand Theft”. I doubt the Marines want a “Few Good Criminals”, a Colonel no less!! His mug shot is above, one scary dude.

Now the eBay/Paypal situation. All during the above back and forth e-mails etc., we were in constant contact with customer service at both eBay and Paypal reporting what was taking place. It was about three weeks later, after sending the phone, since he had paid, and his receiving it that he initiated a claim against us. He first stated that his son made the payment without his knowing, then he said that “item was not as described”, that we had sent him garbage. Again, many calls to Paypal to report his language, the fact that he was a professional felon, and the lies. However, to our amazement, we had the feeling that Paypal was going to rule in his favor. He was following eBay/Paypal rules to a tee (after all he was a professional thief and probably knows the INS and outs of the system better than the customer reps). He sent back a package, with tracking which is all that is required to receive a refund from Paypal, who took the monies directly from our account. We spoke with at least a half dozen representatives from the company, received tons of misinformation and then finally approached the Post Office to warn them that we were about to receive a “suspicious” package. The package arrived and we received a phone call from the Postal Inspector from Tucson, asking for permission to x-ray and then open the package, which we had to agree to in order to protect our interest in the dispute. Although we were not present when the package was opened, what was returned were two pair of used underwear and some glass. We passed the Postal Report on to Paypal and as if from out of a science fiction movie, the ruling came down against us in favor of the felon. Go figure. We are appealing the ruling, but will surely lose in the long run as sellers are the Bain of eBay. Meanwhile we have neither the phone nor our money from this equitable system. What a country!!

We would love to hear from any eBay sellers who are dissatisfied with the present system as something needs to be done to make it even handed and more equitable for all. Our e-mail is sales@joedawolf.com. It is important that we are heard by management.

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