The other day I happened to be watching the reality show “Auction Hunters” on cable TV, two guys who bid on abandoned storage units and always sell the items found for tremendous profits (they never miss…wink, wink).  Although I believe that the proliferation of these shows is a problem when you are selling valuables etc. for third parties (people think that they are going to make a mint selling their goods), this episode I found somewhat interesting and actually helpful.  The two discovered eight (8) duck decoys in a unit they won and took the items to an expert to sell.  Of course as usual, he offered them an extraordinary amount for all eight, but he did seem to know what he was doing. They only identified the expert by his first name, no address or additional information.

Well, we just happen to be selling various items for a client, including at least thirty (30) duck decoys (We live in the middle of the desert, why would anyone have this many decoys when there is no recreational water within hundreds of miles and certainly no water fowl).   I asked my wife Judy, do you think we may be able to locate this “expert” and possibly make a deal?  Judy is sooooo good on the internet that she was able to locate him knowing only his first name and that he was situated in California.  I called and he was interested in what we had.  After many calls and e-mails back and forth we did make a deal on several of our decoys and as a bonus he was able to tell us about the ones he was not interested in.  It was a fun and profitable experience.  We were able to sell outside our usual outlet eBay, which we are finding more and more difficult to deal with, did not have to pay their exorbitant fees and our client was happy to boot.

I am convinced that there is nothing Judy can’t do or find on the internet.  Because of our “extra” efforts, we were able to make sales that we previously did not have much luck with on eBay.  Although not a fan of Reality TV, this time was the exception.

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eBay Feed Back System – Time to Update Your Rule Book

Remember when you were in grade school (or middle school or high school for that matter).  You could never win an argument against a teacher.  They were “always” right.  Well, now that we are in the grown up world,  if you are seller on eBay, they have replaced the role of the teacher.  They are always right – at least in their minds.  And if you want to go sell somewhere else, they know they have the biggest game in town, so you can take your ball and go elsewhere, but you won’t find many people to play with.

eBay has a policy that allows the seller to send an Unpaid notice if payment is not received after 4 days of the auction ending.  In the past, a seller had to wait 7 days.  The seller even has the option to have automate unpaid notices sent for them.

We recently had a buyer bid up 3 of our auctions and after 4 days of non communication, I wrote him and asked about payment.  I didn’t see a response (I have to say that he did respond to my email, but it went to spam), so I then filed a non payment claim.  At that point, I got a scathing email from this buyer telling me that I was “a joke” and the worst seller he had encountered in 10 years on eBay.  His entire email was very nasty.  I wrote him back that I didn’t get his other email, and that I was sorry.  He then proceeded to give me 3 Neutral feed backs calling me “rude” (perfect Freudian transference example) and even mentioned that I filed an unpaid notice against him, but to his defense it was a Holiday weekend.  We had many other sales that Holiday weekend and amazingly everyone else paid within a day.

I contacted eBay about getting these 3 Neutral feed backs removed as they were really retribution for filing the non payment claim – totally following eBay’s rules.  eBay refused to do anything.  I explained my case in as simple English as possible, but they just didn’t want to hear what I had to say.  They said the feed back did not quality for removal according to their rule book.  I asked to see a copy of their rule book and they told me to read their web site.  I told them that the site was only a synopsis and that I wanted to see the entire policy.  They refused to send me a copy.  How can you know the rules if they are kept hidden?  Are we living in the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

eBay, it is time to value your sellers.  You say that retribution feed back is not allowed.  Get a dictionary.  Listen to you sellers – without them, there is nothing for a buyer to purchase.

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