Blame it on the Ukelele

eBay’s feedback policy is flawed.  It is one sided, which basically makes it useless.  Buyers can give any feedback they want, but sellers cannot do the same.  If a person has nothing better to do than bid up an auction and then fails to pay, there is way to warn other sellers.  In reality, the feedback system is pretty much a waste.  The only feedback you can leave for a buyer is that they paid.  And if you buy something, that is generally what you have to do if you want to get the item.

But selling for third parties is our business and we need to know that the auction item arrived safely and that the buyer is happy with their purchase in order to pay our client.  We used to assume that no news is good news.  However, we do a large business overseas, and it can take a long time for a package to fly around the world, clear customs and get delivered.  Take the case of the ukelele.  A number of years ago we sold what appeared to be a beautiful Hawaiian ukelele made of Koa wood to a buyer in Canada.  We waited a while, and after no feedback, assumed that the buyer was happy with his purchase.  That ukelele sold for over $400.00. We paid our client.  Well, after about a month, we heard from the buyer that the ukelele was warped and could not be played.  He was sending it back.

Although eBay allows you to list your auctions with a No Returns Accepted option, that is really not an option.  Any buyer can open a dispute and list the reason as “Item Not As Described”.  It doesn’t matter if you sell a Brand New, in Package item, PayPal’s response to you would be that you can’t prove that the item was what you sent the buyer.  In this case, when the ukelele arrived back to us, I took it to the only musics store in Tucson that knew anything about ukeleles.  And even though the ukelele looked good to us, it was warped!  Darn that dry Arizona heat.  We had already paid our client, so we were out the money on that sale.

Now we sometimes have to wait a little longer to pay our clients – especially on foreign sales.  So, all we ask our buyers is please, let us know auctions have arrived and you are satisfied.  If you don’t want to leave feedback, just drop us a note.  We always send personal email confirmation when we ship, just hit reply and let us know you got it.  It would just make our business run a little smoother and for that, we thank you.

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